One Giant Leap

Or was it a just a small step? Anyway, it was 40 years ago. What? The Moon landing, of course! Born in 1971 I just missed it. Thanks to the JFK Library I can experience it just as it happened in 1969 at the site We choose the Moon! Nasa is celebrating too, check out […]

Lunar Maps

I don’t know how I have missed this one. The Lunar and Planetary Institute provides hight resolution lunar maps over the moon. Check out the Lunar Map Catalog! It’s a great site where you find a lot of material about the moon. Most of the stuff in the online store is for free. I’ve been […]

Universe of data

NASA is working together with Microsoft to make high-resolution images and astronomical data more accessible to the public, according to Space Daily. This will be done with Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope. WorldWide Telescope only works with Microsoft’s own Windows but there is a web version using Silverlight. Silverlight is working on Mac and Firefox if you […]